How to succeed as an Avinor partner

Operating a shop at an Avinor airport is a massive opportunity to reach millions of passengers. Did you know that Avinor hosted 54 million passengers in 2019, of which 28 million were at Oslo airport and 6 million at Bergen airport?

With travellers representing the broad diversity of Norway and the world - from business to leisure travellers, domestic and long-haul flights, the young and the old - it is your opportunity to serve them as well as only you can.

When operating at an airport, you will become part of an ecosystem optimised around not only giving passengers what they want, but also exciting them, as they hurry to catch their next flight. As part of this, “speed” is a key to success. Running a shop, restaurant or service at an airport makes it paramount to be able to serve massive volumes of customers fast, and we recommend that you build your concept around this. From catching their attention while hurrying down towards their gate, to the selection of goods, product presentation, deliveries and check out experience.

Serving hundreds or thousands of customers each day can be challenging, but for the right team this can also be a massive commercial opportunity.

The physical experience will always be of the highest importance at an airport, but being part of the digital customer journey has grown in importance in recent years, as customers' expectations have developed towards being able to browse the commercial offerings before travelling, and being able to pre-order items and services, to make sure that the journey will be as smooth as possible. Only being able to convert the passenger physically at the airport is a thing of the past.

As part of this digitalisation, the value of exposing your brand to millions of passengers at an airport has increased, as more often than before the purchase can happen online, even after the passenger has left the airport. This is a huge opportunity that we believe tomorrow’s winners will be able to derive value from, perhaps in collaboration with strong brand names.

Do you have a shop, restaurant or service that you think can succeed at an Avinor Airport? Get in contact with one of our category managers and we will get back to you.