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Phone number is already in use.

We suspect that you have created two accounts, one with a mobile and the other with an email.

To add your mobile number to your email account you must first log in with your mobile number and select “"Delete My Profile" at the bottom of the profile page. Once you have deleted your mobile account, your number will no longer be in use.  I suggest you then log in using your email and password and add your number to this account. Once you have both your email and mobile number registered in the same account you can then choose the log in method of your choice.

Unfortunately, we cannot fix this for you due to privacy reasons.

This email is already in use.

We suspect that you have two accounts. 

Have you logged in with your mobile number?  To add your email address to your mobile account please follow the instructions below:

Log in with your email and password

Delete this account by clicking on the link “delete my profile” at the bottom of the page under “Profile”

Log in with your mobile number and SMS

Add you email to this account

Unfortunately, we cannot fix this for you due to privacy reasons.

Reset password

You can get a new password by going to, please enter your email address and click submit.  You will then receive an email with a link you must click on. When you click the link you will get to a page that allows you to enter a new password. After you set your password you will be able to log in with your email and password.

Please add your mobile number to your personal details, this will allow you to sign in with either your email and password or your mobile number and SMS in the future.

Password not accepted

Passwords must be at least 7 characters, contain a uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and at least one number or a special character.

Not receiving the email verification mail

Have you checked your "spam / junk / other" mailboxes? If you cannot find the mail, your mail server may stop them. You can try to contact your IT service to allow mail from

Cannot sign in

Send a mail to, add which browser you are using, explain how you try to log in, what is not working and what error message you are receiving? Please send a "screenshot" if possible.

Received an SMS from Avinor on my mobile phone "your verification code is" Why?

We send out "verifications codes" to log in to "My Profile" on with the use of a mobile number. Did you try to log in?

If yes, they can be used within a 10-minute period. You may need to try logging in to receive a new one.

If no, someone else has entered your phone number during login. They will not be signed in without the code you received by SMS.

Registration as a new user (I thought to register as a user to book parking easily): Is this correct? Must I answer YES on both consent questions?

Regarding the booking of parking at Avinor's airports, you can pre-order parking on without creating a profile or signing in. Select airport, parking and parking product first and then "Continue without signing in." You must enter necessary contact information requested so we can send you a confirmation email and receipt.

We are working to make it easier to travel by air. In order to provide you with relevant travel tips and keep up to date on the status of your trip, we need some information about you and your journey. But this is optional and you are of course welcome to use Avinor's services without creating a profile with us.

You ask;

Is this correct? Do you have to answer YES on both questions?

To create a profile in My Profile at Avinor, YES must be answered on the first consent regarding your personal information.

I want to use the functionality "follow flight". Do you have to answer YES on both consent questions?

On you must have a registered profile to “follow your flight”; however the marketing consent is optional thus if you do not consent to marketing you will not receive offers at the airport regarding your trip.

You many also follow your flight on the Avinor App without creating a profile. If you want a profile in Avinor, you must answer Yes on privacy consent.

I'm trying to sign in to My profile but the SMS code is not valid?

The SMS code you receive is valid for 10 minutes. You may need to resend and receive a new code by logging in again with your mobile number if not used with the 10-minute period.

How do I create a new password?

You can create a new password under "Profile" or by clicking on this link.

How do I delete my Profile

You can delete your user by logging in and selecting "Delete My Profile" under "Profile."

I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?

Click on "Forgot password" under “trouble signing in” and follow the steps.