Trondheim Airport, Værnes – the centre of Norway

Trondheim Airport, Værnes is the third largest airport in Norway. The airport is located centrally in the region, with very good links to main roads and railways northwards, westwards to Trondheim and eastwards to Sweden. The airport is a regional hub and acts as a hub for traffic to and from Helgeland. The ski resort of Åre in Sweden, which has hosted a number of alpine world championships, is about one hour by car from the airport. The airport thus plays an important role in connecting the region with the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

The goal is to have a range of products and services that mean that time at the airport is regarded as being well-spent and that meet travellers future needs. Trondheim Airport, Værnes wants to be known for being innovative and customer and environmentally friendly in a small region with big ideas.

Central Norway is one of the country’s fastest growing regions in terms of population and GDP development. The region is characterised by a complex commercial structure with major public enterprises, trade, aquaculture, agriculture and a large research and education community. The airport has good cooperation with the region, including for work on inbound tourism and business traffic.

Mid-Norway has rich culinary traditions, and proximity to the coast, fjords and mountains provides it with a rich basis for food production. Many local food producers have received international recognition, and the ingredients are used actively in the three restaurants in Trondheim with Michelin Stars. The region is the world leader in aquaculture, and every year NorFishing and AquaNor are held in Trondheim, respectively. The latter of the two is the world’s largest trade fair for the aquaculture industry.

Trondheim Airport wants to provide a travel experience that reflects Central Norway and Trondheim. It should leave an impression that there are lots of exciting things going on here, and that there is energy, creativity and great tasting food. Culinary traditions and the joy of food are expressed through the use of local ingredients at restaurants.

The photo exhibition in the terminal includes familiar faces that have put Mid-Norway on the map and contributed to the region becoming the place it is today. Local artist Staale Gerhardsen’s ‘Flight Mode’ is exhibited in the terminal, and young artists from primary schools in the region have their own exhibition wall. There are also lots of pieces that reference Trondheim Airport’s many routes and the opportunities afforded by the Avinor network.

Central Norway and Trondheim are known as a growing region with strong culinary traditions, major research and education communities and trade. This is reflected in many areas – from its nature to it architecture, industries, design, art, culture, activities, products, food and drink. This is what our travellers will experience at Trondheim Airport.

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