Avinor initiates biofuel study

Avinor wishes to investigate the possibility of starting up biofuel production for aviation in Norway. “The potential is huge,” says Jon Sjølander, Director of Strategy with Avinor.

Avinor is currently in the process of obtaining tenders from some of the foremost consultant communities in Norway, who will be tasked with investigating what it would take to establish commercially viable biofuel production for aviation in Norway.

“This is ground-breaking and very challenging work we are initiating, and it is developments in recent years that make it interesting to look into this. In technical terms, it is currently possible to mix 50 per cent biofuel with jet fuel in jet engines. Challenges in the years ahead are related to production and distribution,” Sjølander says. 

On a global basis, aviation is responsible for 2% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Along with more efficient engine and aircraft technology, biofuel will be the most important contribution towards reducing emissions from aircraft. A doubling of air traffic is expected in the next 15-20 years.

Import or production
One of the questions a study will attempt to answer is whether it is more profitable to start up own production rather than rely on imported biofuel.

“If one is to start up one's own production, for example at Gardermoen, it is a precondition that this is commercially viable,” says Sjølander.

The study will also consider which type of biofuel that has the most positive effects on the climate.

“It is also decisive that the production of biofuel does not have unintended negative consequences for the climate and the environment,” emphasises Sjølander.

A united industry
It is a united aviation industry in Norway that supports the biofuel initiative, and both the airlines and the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries (NHO Luftfart) will be represented in the study's steering group.

“The airlines and the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries (NHO Luftfart) have previously cooperated with Avinor on the project ‘Aviation - sustainability and social benefit,’ and will be a central partner for Avinor in this project too,” Sjølander concludes.

According to the plan of progress, the consultant will be selected in November, and the final report is to be presented at the turn of the year 2012/2013.  

Contact persons:
Director of Strategy at Avinor, Jon Sjølander, tel. +47 95 17 89 48
Senior consultant Olav Mosvold Larsen, tel. +47 91 60 64 61

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