Avinor creates valuable relations

Avinor's goal is to facilitate safe, environmentally friendly and efficient aviation in all parts of the country.

The Group has two primary business areas - the Operation of a nationwide network of Airports and the National Air Navigation service for civilian and military avation.

This encompasses 46 airports in Norway, thereof 12 in cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces. Operations also include air traffic control towers, control centres and technical infrastructure for safe flight navigation.
Arrangements are being made to facilitate commercial revenue streams from Airport hotels, Car parks, Duty Free shops, Food and Beverage Services and otther services for air passengers.

Oslo Lufthavn is a wholly-owned subsidiary and has its own managing director.
Avinor ANS is a wholly-owned subsidiary with its own managing director. Avinor ANS is a member of the Borealis Alliance.

Avinot creates valuable relations

We connect people and places in a way that creates lasting bonds.
Indivituals , companies and society shall be valued and receive clear value from what we deliver.

Our behavioural values are:






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