Getting to and from the airport

The airport is serviced by airport bus, scheduled buses and taxi. You can also use your own car or rental car.

Airport bus

The first departure of the airport bus from the city centre is 5.40 a.m. and the last return from the airport is at midnight.

Travel time:10-15 minutes

Scheduled buses

Buses 40 and 42 stops at the airport.

Travel time:about 25 minutes


Taxis are available during airport opening hours, expect a short wait during certain periods.

Price:120-150,- (weekends/holidays)
Travel time:10 minutes
Booking:Tromsø taxi (tel. +47 03011)
Din Taxi (tel. +47 02045)


Tromsø Airport is located about 5 km from downtown Tromsø. Search the roadmap for driving description from your address.

See information about parking and car rental.