Banking and currency

Collage som viser minibanken ved Bodø lufthavn i bruk V2

Cash machine/ATM

There are two ATMs at the airport:

  • Ofoten sparebanks's ATM is located outside the security check. Available currencies: norwegian kroners.

  • SpareBank1 Nord-Norge's ATM is located between the security check and the café. Available currencies: norwegian kroners and euro.

Advice for using credit cards abroad

  • preferably bring two different cards, e.g. one Visa card and one Mastercard or other credit card
  • check your balance before travelling
  • When withdrawing cash, make sure no-one sees you entering your pin code and beware of people trying to be helpful
  • Always check that the total sum is completed and correct before signing a sales invoice. Retain all receipts.
  • Always check that the amount is in the correct currency. There are substantial differences between e.g. EURO and GBP.
  • block lost/stolen cards as soon as possible, also if they are swallowed by ATMs.