Parking at the airport

 PArkeringskart 2014


Parking areaMinimum 20 min*Hour24 h1 week2 weeks3 weeks
P025,- -500,----
P125,- 25,-75,-390,-2800,---
P225,- 25,-75,-290,-2160,-4050,-5940,-
P425,- 25,-75,-390,----
P525,- 25,-75,-240,-890,-1390,-1890,-
P6   75,-  -75,-170,-790,-1090,-1390,-
P7   75,-  -75,-170,-790,-1090,-1390,-
P875,-  -75,-150,-590,-890,-1190,-
P9 75,-  -75,-120,-490,-790,-1090,-

All prices are included VAT with reservations for change of prices.

1 weeks=8 days, 2 weeks=15 days and 3 weeks=22 days. 

* Prices pr every started periode of time.  
** max  10 days

Parking fee machines

Parking fee machines are available in the arrivals hall and on the ground floor of the parking garage. You may pay by cash or credit card.

Payment by credit card

Valid cards are:Visa, Diners, Mastercard, Eurocard, Statoilkort, Shellkort, American Express and ESSO, as well as cash may be used for payment of parking fees in the machines and directly at the exit barriers.


You may register your credit card and receive an e-mail receipt every time you park.See more information and register at


In the case of parking contradictory to the rules for the parking facility, fines may be issued.Cars parked in the wrong place may be towed away.We refer to the regulations at the payment machines and also to the terms posted at all barriers.

Use your credit card directly at the barrier

You may use your petrol/credit card directly at the entrance and exit barriers.In this way your payment card/credit card will act as a parking ticket.You will not need to visit a payment machine or a counter to pay.This works in the parking garage P3 (short term) and P6 (outdoor parking)

Upon entry
Do not press the button for a ticket, insert your credit card/petrol card into the barrier with the magnetic strip facing down at the right side.

Upon exiting
Insert the same credit card/petrol card in the exit barrier with the magnetic strip facing down at the right side.You can get a receipt for the amount that has been charged to the card by pressing the button at the exit barrier.

The following cards are valid




American Express





If you have any questions or any problems arise, contact the staff in the arrivals hall or via the assistance buttons on the entry and exit barriers or by the payment machines.

Spaces for the disabled

In the parking garage there are 6 reserved spaces, 2 in the short-term section and 4 in the long-term section. In the outdoor areas P4, P5 and P6 have three spaces and P8 also has three. All are positioned close to walkways leading to the terminal (see indication on map).