Parking at the airport

Alta Airport operates the parking facilities. It has 22 short-term seats and 520 seats.



0-15 min

 Pr extra 15 minPer hourPr. day1 weekPr extra week
P1 short term*12- 12,-42,----
P2 short and long term0,- 12,-42,-190,-490,-+ 170-**

* P1 short term have a maximum parking time of 2 hours.
** If you are going to be parked for more than 30 days, contact Alta Airport.

Easy payment - card or cash

P1 short term

Ticket machines accept coins and credit cards. User's Guide explains all machines. There are 2 ticket machines at short range.

P2 long term

  • Option 1: Use the credit in the boom during the input and Note: use the same cards in the output beam to pay.

  • Option 2: Pull the ticket barrier at the entrance and pay in the payment machine in the terminal at the close on time.

  • Option 3: Pull the ticket barrier at the entrance and pay by inserting the ticket barrier at the output and then put in a credit card.